April 2013 Archives

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper is “GLAAD” to be gay; Exposing the pitfalls of Irish civil partnership parenthood; A New Jersey teen doesn’t kid Christie about “conversion” quackery; Australia’s new Sex Discrimination Act adds the “I” to “LGBT”, a trans anti-bias bill’s triumph gives Canada’s Tories toilet terrors, a Russian regional court rules that Pride is not “propaganda”, more news

American Supremes mull marriage equality; U.S. gay military activist Lt. Dan Choi is convicted of a law-breaking White House fence-chaining Don’t Ask Don’t Tell protest, Paris police protect the presidential palace from anti-equality demonstrators, a Russian activist is beaten after his Pride is banned, Brits turn out for Turing, and more LGBT news

What entertainer Leslie Jordan’s mother doesn’t want you to know; A Russian “Rainbow Minute” that definitely adds up; Uruguay prepares for marriage equality, a judge won’t register a gay Paraguay couple’s legal Argentine wedding, Gambia’s President calls gays satanic, Nepal’s Blue Diamonds are in the rough, civil unions spring from Arizona’s “liberal oasis”, and more global LGBT news

The debut of “gay political power pop” that’s still “radio friendly”; Tradition fights liberation in Kyrgyzstan; France and Uruguay are each on the cusp of marriage equality, but a controversial clash derails debate on a similar proposal in Colombia, a Zambian activist is arrested for demanding decriminalization, Singapore, Montana and Virginia each confront sodomy laws, and more!

Kiwi lawmakers and a retired Episcopal bishop address marriage matters; Paris protests get uglier as equality draws near, Ireland’s constitutional convention issues a marriage parity proposal, a half-baked policy change gets the Boy Scouts less-than-honorable mention, dozens of gay and lesbian high school students are expelled in Ghana, a celebrated Sydney crossing is robbed of its rainbow, and more LGBT news