March 2013 Archives

“Glee’s” Chris Colfer gets “Struck By Lightning”; The bawdy bard gets a queer companion; U.K. rights pioneer Allan Horsfall gets his “Rainbow Minute”;
Adoption laws get liberated in Austria and Germany but not in Puerto Rico, an Australian federal judge sees no bias in the country’s hetero-only Marriage Act, and more global LGBT news

The possible consequences for Bradley Manning’s truth; President Barack Obama’s Prop 8 Supreme Court brief embraces equality; An inclusive domestic violence law finally clears the U.S. Congress; A marriage equality proposal flops in Finland and it’s 3 “civil partnership” tries and you’re out in Poland, but bills advancing marriage rites progress in the U.K. and New Zealand, and more LGBT news

Invisible Athletes liberate the locker room; A gay survivor of 1950s British quack “cures” tells his story; Lesbians become “chic” at last; The F-words bomb in Mexico’s top court, Singapore’s second sodomy law challenge is heard, Michigan moms await the Prop 8 ruling for adoption rights, Greek trans-people win hate crime protections, and more news

Veteran rights advocate Urvashi Vaid questions the status quo; A gay “beard” finds fun in Vegas; New Zealand is one vote away from marriage equality, Michigan’s Odawa Indians okay same-gender weddings, a civil unions law peaks in Colorado, Elizabeth’s Commonwealth speech disappoints “other grounds” activists, there’s nothing really new at the Vatican, and more news

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper is “GLAAD” to be gay; Exposing the pitfalls of Irish civil partnership parenthood; A New Jersey teen doesn’t kid Christie about “conversion” quackery; Australia’s new Sex Discrimination Act adds the “I” to “LGBT”, a trans anti-bias bill’s triumph gives Canada’s Tories toilet terrors, a Russian regional court rules that Pride is not “propaganda”, more news