November 2016 Wave Project Archives

Veterans for Peace presented this hour, special thanks to Dave Logsdon for facilitating.

Pancake7 Live in Studio!

Very special thanks to Pancake7 for bringing their soulful sounds to KFAI's Studio 4. It was a pleasure having them create original sounds for our Sunday morning. Find out more about this talented crew here:

The Wildcat Sanctuary and the Problem of Wildcats in Captivity

Did you know there are 37 species of cats and only one of them is domesticated? The other 36…they're better off living in their natural habitats. The problem is people get too curious about them, think their beauty makes great photographs, and seem to think they would be perfectly at home in kitchens, bedrooms, basements, garages, pole barns and the like. In the age of selfies, Constance Schey reminds us through interviews and stories, how human curiosity can lead to killing cats.

Foolish Mortals Episode 4: The Fools Awaken

Jason and Ryan presented a genre-jumping playlist filled with subtext. They honored music heroes we lost over the last year and provoked thought with songs touching on current events. Check it out!