June 2016 Wave Project Archives

The Progessive Bluegrass Hour with Zach Tauer

A quick look at bluegrass to newgrass, from Bill Monroe to Railroad Earth, stopping at Sam Bush and Yonder points in between. Check the playlist for a primer on the genre and some of its great practicioners today!

"Northern Embers" – an extension of the Northern Spark festival presented by Sean Hansen, except it's country and not the wild new music he usually presents on Modern Kicks. 

Rebroadcast of 2009 Father's Day Tribute from Liz Olds to the late George Olds, Guitarist and Dad

Liz and her dad had a bond over music. They played for hours together – Liz on flute, George on guitar. He played on his own, too, and so did Liz. This program fatures music George performed, music they performed together, and Liz's original composition which was George's favorite of her compositions. This is a lovely hour of listening. Enjoy.

How would you distill 40 years of music fandom into an hour?

Kyle Gilats marked his 40th birthday with a fast tour of the rock that has been most influential to his love of music. That made for a short playlist because the man loves prog rock! Check it out…