November 2013 Wave Project Archives

Synthwaves: A New Journey is a follow up to the December 2012 Wave Project Synthwaves a New Dimension of Sound. Noah Kaufmann Host of KFAI’s own Web Exclusive programming SynthWaves ( as well as guest DJ on KFAI’s Across The Board and Modern Kicks, takes you on a new journey into the New 80s synth scene..

Reflections on Armistice Day peace events and other peace issues with members of Veterans for Peace.

“I don’t want you to understand my poetry. I want my poetry to understand you.” Reflecting on the life and work of Twin Cities poet Roy McBride (1943-2011)

Growing up can mean hearing specific songs during specific times or at specific events in one’s life. Host David Peine takes you on a musical tour through childhood memories underscored by artists such as The Partridge Family, The Carpenters and Bruce Springsteen.