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GREEN or Not: The Importance of Buying Local

The show that informs you what is green, what is not, and how to tell the difference.

Maxeem Konrardy discusses theories surrounding the 9/11 disaster.


Tony Johnson reintroduces forgotten rock from the decade: a refreshing rewind of music seldom heard over the last 30 years.  These are songs that got limited airplay on stations like KQRS and KDWB during the highpoint of their album's rock days. 


Dedicated to the re-emergence of synthesized-based pop music. Host Noah Kaufmann takes you on a journey to a side of pop music not often heard on local airwaves. Synthesizer music, popularized throughout the ’80s, has re-emerged, remastered and, in many ways, superior in quality to that of the genre to which it pays tribute.

Host: Noah Kaufmann
Guest: Jacob Kaufmann
Engineer: Libby Donohue

Mark Koerner plays iN thE GaRAGe

nerd culture
board/table top games
sci-fi and fantasy