October 2017 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground Archives

In Memory of Baron Dave Romm

Dixie Bull

A rousing pirate adventure, about New England's first pirate, Dixie Bull, set in 1632. The Colonial Radio Theatre tale is an historically accurate and unglamorized view of pirates as ruthless men, the terrorists of their day.  Written by Jerry Robbins, directed by Gene Risher, with an original musical score by Jeffrey Gage.  From Colonial's Pirate Legends tales.

Ghost of Arch Obeler


The Shriek Show was a radio show in Florida in the late 1980s, often telling stories of the Dry Smoke and Whispers Detective Agency, and telepathic detective Emille Song.  This story is about a red mist that kills, loose in the city of Quaymet.  Newer stories are available on the Dry Smoke site. 

Short Subjects

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Freedom Suite

A writer goes to a remote cabin to be uninterrupted, but can't escape his own characters.  Written and directed by Michael Heflin.

The Count

A Dracula-like vampire gets involved in Show Business, with dire consequences.  Written by J. Eugene Green and produced by the Atlanta Radio Theater Company, and sent to us in their science fiction audio magazine, The Centauri Express. 

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