November 2016 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground Archives

Wooden Overcoats, Episode 7 – The Cliffhanger

Whilest Antigone vows to leave Piffling forever, Rudyards, wildest scheme to besmirch Eric Chapman goes horrendously wrong.  Written by Cordelia Lynn, created by David K. Barnes.  The story narrated by Madeleine, the funeral parlor mouse, who is writing a book.  More at

Fears for Ears – Underground

Wooden Overcoats, Episode 8 – The Trial of Rudyard

Rudyard stands accused of a dastardly crime – the death of Eric Chapman – and only Antigone can discover the truth.  Written by David K. Barnes. See more at  This is the last episode of Season 1.  Season 2 podcasts have begun and can be obtained on iTunes or anywhere podcasts can be subscribed to.  

The Last Shuttle

No Cause For Alarm

Goings on at a nuclear power plant when the Health and Safety Inspector arrives and bumps something.  Of course the regular guy who always knows how things work isn't there, and isn't available.  But, really, there's no cause for alarm.  From the Wireless Theater Company in the UK, and written by Gareth Rubin. 

Thanksgiving, or Pass the Indian Please

The Man Who Could Work Miracles