August 2016 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground Archives

Return of the Groovy Bushman

After Petey gets his boy, Sputnik, the nuclear weapon he wanted, bad things happened, and civilization as we know it ended.  Now Petey and Moebius are trapped in the rumpus room in Petey's basement, and then… new character enters…  From the Radio Mouth Bandits, of Champaign, Illinois. 

Little Chills

ZPPR Productions series of short mysteries brings us Hatrack of Death.  

Twilight Zone Radio

Twilight Zone Radio

Audio versions of the television series.  Tonight's episode is A Hundred Yards Over the Rim, with Jim Caviezel.  In 1847 a man traveling over the western desert on the way to California has a sick son.  He goes over the rim of a sand dune and finds himself in The Twilight Zone.  Starring Jim Caviezel, and hosted by Stacy Keach.  More at

The Truth

Give Me Immortality or Give Me Death

The Firesign Theatre came back from their long period of solo careers to make three new albums, starting in 1998.  This is the first of those reunion recordings.  It takes place in the Radio Now studios, and follows the staff of the radio station as they careen through format changes and the upcoming Y2K Millenium disaster.