July 2016 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground Archives

The Fourth Tower of Inverness

A mad boy sitting writing his history,  even though he cannot read or write.  It's in a language he's making up as he goes along.  Jack Flanders is again inside the 4th Tower, and he actually talks to Sir Henry Jowls, his uncle who disappeared into the 4th Tower years ago.  There's a lot going on inside.  

Written by Meatball Fulton, with music by TIm Clark.  Produced at ZBS.org

Little Chills 

The Fourth Tower of Inverness

The conclusion of the story.  Jack lands the flying machine with Sir Henry Jowls and they have an adventure in the wilderness.  Later Jack finally figures out what it is about the Juke Box in the 4th tower that is so magical.

This is the first story of the adventures of Jack Flanders.  There are 28 stories from ZBS.org now, and one more is coming soon.  There are several excellent free audio downloads available on their website.

Empire of the Air

The Men Who Made Radio.  Otherworld Media presents the story of the inventions that made radio what it is today, or at least what it was back in the 1930s.  Characters like Marconi, Lee DeForest and Howard Armstrong who invented the hardware of radio, and David Sarnoff who invented the industry of radio.  A dramatic adaptation of the book by Tom Lewis, featuring Steve Allen as the Storyteller and David Ogden Stiers, Bonnie Bedelia, John Randolph, Harris Yulin and many others.  

Empire of the Air

Otherworld Media's adaptation of Tom Lewis' book, about the men who made radio.  The frustration and lawsuits involved between Lee DeForest and Howard Armstrong.  

Adapted and directed by David Ossman, produced by Judith Walcutt.  Featuring Steve Allen, David Ogden Stiers, John Randolph and Harris Yulin. 

The Natural Surrealist Convention

The Firesign Theatre's coverage of the convention and the Great Glutamoto's Monster Island attack on the Nix in 1972. 

Attack of the Groovy Bushman

Peetey Jones is having a rough life.  The government stole his idea for the Recyclotron; his TV privileges are being restricted; his wife Beatrice is in danger of being cancelled for low ratings; and his 5-year-old son Sputnik wants a nuclear weapon, like every other family on Groovy Bush.  The world is severly askew it seems.  From the Radio Mouth Bandits of Champaign, Illinois. 

Mike Stapp sits in to host.