August 2015 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground Archives

An end and a beginning…


The conclusion of Anne Manx and the Blood Chase, from the Radio Repertory Company of America.  Anne Manx has gone back to her home planet to get a blood transfusion to rejuvenate her nine lives. But she finds she has to also save all of her race on the planet from annihiliation.   Anne Manx, played by Claudia Christian.  Written by Larry Weiner.  Produced and scored by Angelo Panetta.


First the conclusion of the C. S. Lewis story, Sting of the Dark Tower, which he left uncompleted.  Peter Gruenbaum created an enveloping modern story to surround the original alternate dimension tale, enabling him to bring it to a satisfying end.  From Coilded Stories  (  Original music composed by Leon Gruenbaum. 

The Adventures of Patch & Click


Patch wakes up to find most of her memory has been stolen and she's being dragged off by cops.  She escapes from them, but runs into mobsters.  Soon she meets up with Click, who is a cyberhanced Ferret and he's out of work. 

From the SoundStage at WMNF in Tampa, FL.  Written and directed by Ed Lehmann.  Produced by Dave Lassa.  Starring Leha LoSchiavo and Dave Waterman.  Episodes 1 and 2 tonight, with 4 more in the next two weeks. 

The Adventures of Patch and Click, Ep. 3-4

The Adventures of Patch and Click, Episodes 5 & 6


The final two wpisodes, in which Resplendent the poetic Bear is kidnapped, so Patch and Click have to go save him.  Listen for the Armadillo Mariachis, Ethel the Nonviolent Fred Gun, and DC (Double Click) the Ferret, along with KC, the muscular and gorgeous roommate to Click.  Fast-moving, filled with action and wonderfully inventive characters.