June 2015 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground Archives

Feature Presentation – from the Atlanta Radio Theater Company we get Blues for Johnny Raven.  This is the first Episode, The Ambience Man.  Author Thomas E. Fuller takes the tropes and memes and styles of the radio detective and makes them part of the story.  Characters even talk about the detective's interior monologue and how the exposition effects the story.  In the end gumshoe Johnny Raven finds himself up against the city's biggest Ambience dealer.

The Stan Freberg Show

In tribute to the late, great Stan Freberg, we offer up two episodes of his radio show which premiered on this date, June 14, 1957.  

World Premier!

In The Embers, a new independent feature-length audio play from the Great Northern Audio Theatre

Feature Presentation – Part 2 of In the Embers, a feature-length audio drama from the Great Northern Audio Theatre.