March 2015 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground Archives

Radio Detectives, Old and New

The very first of the Captain Waverly Underhill mysteries from the Cape Cod Radio Mystery Theater.  It's the Legacy of Uriah Pillar.  An excentric millionaire leaves a bizarre will, the terms of which set in motion a diabolical chain of events that lead to treachery, deceit and threefold murder.  Written by Steven Oney. 

New Radio Detectives, New Beginnings.

We continue our series on Radio Detectives with the opening episodes of two modern series.  

America's Only Detective: Nick Danger

Tonight we have two stories from the Casebook of Nick Danger, starting with Frame Me Pretty.  The Firesign Theatre's famous gumshoe, performed live at the Roxy on Sunset Blvd in 1979.  

A Pair of P. I.s who deal in the Occult.

The new Dixon and Sparks mystery from ZBS, called Shadows in the Night.  Taylor Dixon and Phineas Sparks are hired  because Polly's sister Margo Parker feels she is being attacked using subliminal mind techniques by a tech company she worked for, but didn't like what she saw there.  Dixon's uncle comes to town with a new version of her bionic glasses.