February 2015 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground Archives

Gumshoes on the Radio.

Radio Detectives from Pulp Radio.  Sparks Media in Grand Rapids, MI serves up a quartet of Hard-boiled gumshoes from the old Pulp magazine days.  We begin with Diamonds of Death, by Robert Leslie Bellem.  Bellem was known for the grandiose language in his stories, often unintentionally bigger than life.  Produced by Michael Packer of Sparks Media and WGVU Public Radio.

Radio Detectives, January through March

First tonight is Dark on Monday, by Michael Avallone,where P.I. Ed Noon is retained by a Chinese dancer, and then turns up dead.  About Michael Avallone it was once said, "He can't write, but he sure can tell a story."  This is episode three of Pulp Radio, from Sparks Media and WGVU in Grand Rapids, MI. Produced by Michael Packer.

Radio Detectives continue

Radio Detectives from Modern Audio Theater: