March 2014 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground Archives

Detectives, Old and New. Garson Krebs, a new hard-boiled P.I. from the Radio Repertory Company of America, and a classic from the Golden Age of Radio, Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar.

Detectives old and new. Garson Krebs, P.I. in The Divice is the new one. And Pat Novak For Hire in Escape from Prison, featuring Jack Webb, is from 1949.

Detectives old and new. The new one is another from the casebook of Garson Krebs, P.I., The Man With a Past. The old is Richard Diamond, P.I. from 1951, The Man With a Scar, starring Dick Powell.

Detectives Old and New #4. One final episode o f Garson Krebs, P. I. from the Radio Repertory Company of America, and the latest case of Black Jack Justice from Decoder Ring Theatre.

The Little City In Space, episode 5 of the syndicated series from 1999.