January 2017 Play For Me Archives

So nice, we had to play him twice!  HOSNY BRONX.  Play on, Playuh. Play on.

During this show, the spotlight is turned on the host of Play For Me, Brenda Bell Brown.  Listen to the songs and words that served to inspire her, and her own words and recitations that she hopes will inspire you.

Try your hand at a couple of virtual bingo games.  All you need is a bingo card (or two), a bunch of plastic or wooden chips and a willingness to be entertained by some of the sweetest Bingo Ladies on earth.  So, sit a spell.  Relax.  Listen intently.  Few great moments come close to putting your heart and mind at ease than listening in on grown folk at play.

Taking you backward to move you forward, powered by the swift current of Women Rising. Thank you to Sisters Lena Denise Buggs and Farheen Hakeem for sharing their impressions and concerns regarding the historical Women's March on Washington that took place on January 21st, the day that immediately followed the inaugaration of the 45th President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump.  

Didn't want to go tooo far into 2017 without sharing my new year resolution.  You know, that guiding principle or principles that one swears to stick too as they live the next 365 days to their fullest.  Wellll, I borrowed mine from my baby brother who got his from his former pastor and, Lord knows, this man was divinely inspired because the resolution is pret-ty sound.  Tap the "Listen Now" button and find out what I resolved for 2017.  You may be inclined to resolve the same.  Enjoy the music.