June 2009 Radio Rumpus Room Archives

Jamey Cummings, a former Navy Seal who is now an executive headhunter, said most Seal platoons of 16 had at least two snipers who were essential to the tactics of the group. “It’s a common misperception that Seals like to sneak up on people and use knives on them,” he said. “If you have to do that, the mission probably wasn’t planned that way.”

— some unattributed article on the rescue of an American ship’s captain from (several recently deceased) Somali pirates

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Next week Radio Rumpus Room salutes the collapsed U.S. auto industry in Bankrupt! Hot Rods To Hell 2009. Join us for an unabashedly nostalgic look at the Glory Days of GM and Chrysler, when the brands Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick, Olds, Pontiac, Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth meant more than mere lines on corporate bankruptcy forms.

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We called this show BANKRUPT! Hot Rods To Hell 2009! Tonight we saluted the glory days of the once-proud, now pathetically collapsed car companies General Motors and Chrysler. In the process we took particular note of the special relationships a lot of us have with our cars… god bless their big cast-iron hearts! So on to our 17th annual edition of Hot Rods To Hell…

Well, the front bumpers off
And she’s jacked real high.
And the words on the trunk
Spelled out ‘bye bye’
Those M&H slicks helped her off the line
The cheatin’ little Chevy was nuthin’ but fine.

— Sugar-Ree, Cheater

Jean called it our necrology show, as we acknowledged the recent passing of Bob Bogle, founding and lifelong member of the Ventures, and Sky Saxon of the Seeds. Some pop guy named Michael died the day before — we heard about it somewhere — but we’ve never played any of his music, so…

Note: KFAI’s MP3 server was on the fritz over the weekend again, so there is only a RealAudio archive this week. It’s since been fixed.

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