August 2008 Radio Rumpus Room Archives

Todd Mayberry filled in for Ron and Jean this week. A playlist will be posted as soon as one is provided.

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News item: Remains of original Mercury 7 astronaut Gordon Cooper and Star Trek actor James Scotty Doohan lost as privately funded rocket falls into the Pacific.

(Yes, another item seemingly perfectly tailored for a RRR Ripped From Today’s Headlines set. Who could resist? Sadly, not us…)

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Enough talking already.

— anonymous caller

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(intro) This song I wrote on Halloween a few years ago, waiting for my girlfriend to come home. When she finally did about three in the morning she was all dressed up like a cheerleader. And I just knew that she had been at a party with 11 or 12 guys dressed as a football team…

Our love’s alive but it’s better off dead
Could it have been something that I said…

It’s a good thing we don’t own a gun
Or baby one of us would be the only one
Left alive…

Seven days don’t go by
Without me making my baby cry
You know, I can hardly get through one week
I feel just like George Jones — when he was a heel to Tammy

— Curtiss A, Heel To Tammy

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So hop in baby let’s cruise out of here
Yeah this ain’t the place to be
And if you get tired along the way
Baby we can roll down the back seat
From Wausau to Wichita, Oconowauc Beach
Yeah, we’ve got places to see
So c’mon baby, let’s go for a ride with my red Checker wagon and me

— The Overtones, Red Checker Wagon

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