June 2008 Radio Rumpus Room Archives

I walk 47 miles of barbed wire
I use a cobra snake for a necktie

— Bo Diddley, Who Do You Love

(Bo Diddley passed away on Monday.)

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There’s a hold-up in the Bronx
Brooklyn’s broken out in fights
There’s a traffic jam in Harlem
That’s backed up to Jackson Heights
There’s a scout troop short a child
Khruschev’s due at Idlewild
Car 54, where are you?

— Theme, Car 54, Where Are You

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My 88, she’s the boss in town
And there isn’t a cat
That can shut me down
In my goin’, goin 88

My goin’ goin 88
Yeah overhead valves
And she sure sounds great
My goin’, goin’ 88

Fuel injection, four speeds on the floor
Since I beefed it up
It ain’t stock no more
It’s my goin’, goin’ 88

— The Grand Prix (actually the Challengers), Goin’ 88

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Some moron knocked over an electric pole earlier in the evening and there was a four-hour power outage on the West Bank, knocking KFAI off the air. We came in anyway and sat around in the dark for two hours, just in case it came back. (It didn’t — at least not before midnight.) See you next week! — Ron and Jean

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