February 2015 Archives

I have a small orchid on my window at work and it threw out its first bloom after laying low  during the last 4 months.   Spring is coming This show celebrates Bob Marley's birthday not by spinning his music but those of the many artits's who claim him as influence.                           Thks to DJ MoZho for taking GP last week.


Special thanks to KFAI  Frday morning front desk volunteer Wencke as she turned in to DJ Wencke spinning songs of love starting at the top of hour 2.  In big watts there's lots of mentions bout Valentines day I know.  Not gonna ride all that shoutin call to "go out and buy something" train.  Iinstead will shout out to love by spinning good music from all over.  Enjoy and yes spread the love. 

Welcome to the 2 20 15 edition.  Keep hangin in there.  Tune in top of hour 2 for a DJ Martini set as part of the GPlenty "listeners on the mic" feature. Mu Performing Arts  joins in 90 min in too.