July 2013 Archives

This week Radio Antilles goes LatinoAltROCK! “Brought to you by Raúl Escobar & Pablo Miranda.
On this week episode of LatinoAltROCK we say Goodbye to Radio Antilles with great new music from allover…Germany, Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay & New Orleans. As you may know Radio Antilles is becoming “Grooving Plenty” stating August 16th – Take a Radio side trip, if it Groove’s G-Plenty plays it.
We welcome one of LatinoAltROCK listeners (Patrick Garvin) and play some of the music he listens to and the history behind the music, also comments by Natalia Clavier about her new album- specifically her first single- trouble.
From Hip Hop to Rock, Cumbia to Reggae…LatinoAltROCK will get you jammin’ with everything from rock, reggae, punk, ska, hip-hop, samba, dance, indie, and fusions of many Latino and world sounds.

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