January 2015 Archives

A re-broadcast of my June 2014 interview with Patrick Scully about his show, "Leaves of Grass – Uncut," a collage of dance, theater, video and poetry celebrating the life and work of Walt Whitman, along with an updated interview with Patrick in advance of his unplugged solo remix version this week-end at his namesake, Patrick's Cabaret. Patrick calls Whitman a radical artist of the 1800s, and a "proto homo," in an era when the term homosexual did not exist.

An interview with photographer Tony Nelson about the "Rock & Roll" Photography Show at the Mpls. Photo Center, which opens this Friday, January 16th, with a panel discussion on Thursday, January 15th; also from the Radio Mnartists archives, an interview with rock photographer Daniel Corrigan from 2006.

An interview with Howard Oransky, Director of the Katherine E. Nash Gallery at the U of M about "WonderWomen," a group exhibition of women artists inspired or influenced by popular culture, comics or animation (https://art.umn.edu/nash).

An interview with Lisa Channer, Founder of Theatre Novi Most, and Singer/Actor/Composer Annie Enneking, about "Rehearsing Failure," an original play which reveals the untold story of the women behind Bertolt Brecht. Billed as "equal parts physical theatre, music concert and psychological drama," the play is set in Hollywood in the 1940s after Brecht and company fled Nazi Germany. The play "focuses on Brecht's ensemble, particularly the women who sacrificed their own recognition to create some of the most important theatre of the twentieth century."