November 2014 Louisiana Rhythms Archives

Karl at the helm today. Kind of a gloomy day and the early tunes reflect that. But you can't sit still once you get Belton Richard, Horace Trahan and Jeffery Broussard going. A couple Boozoo numvbers an don to a bunch of Valcour Records material.  Ending up with Warren Storm and the Lil' Band o' Gold

Eric plays a bunch of the good stuff, including tracks from the new Al Berard guitar album, Wayne Perry tunes played by Wayne Perry himself and more modern takes, Canray Fontenot tunes played by Canray Fontenot himself and more modern takes, and Varise Conor tunes played by Varise Conor himself and more modern takes.


Blanche (FuBar Omniverse)  and Karl do their Annual Swamp Pop Extranvaganza.

Weird and wonderful tunes from the heart of Louisiana.