September 2014 Louisiana Rhythms Archives

Eric plays:

Nathan Abshire, Mojo & The Bayou Gypsies, Linzay Young & Joel Savoy, The Savoy Family Band, Robert Jardell, Robert Jardell, Group Filé, Jesse Lége and Cajun Country Revival,, Gérard Dôle, Preston Frank's Swallow Band, Sam Brothers, C.J. Chenier, Albert Chevalier, Lynn August, Willis Prudhomme, The Jambalaya Cajun Band,  Albert Chevalier, Isom J. Fontenot, Joe Bonsall And The Orange Playboys, John Delafose & The Eunice Playboys

Karl spins the discs today. Starting with some vintage Cajun and then a move to the younger folks playing their version of Cajun. following up with some Zydeco. Then a few tunes from the Tommy Comeanux Medicine Show CD's Volume One and Three. Ending with Coteau and a tribute to the Balfas.

The Pledge Drive done with ONLY LPs! The Best music of SW Louisiana on Vinyl. Thank you for all of your Pledges and Support of Louisiana Rhythms.

Eric and Karl are joined by Anabel and Millie for a pledge drive extravaganza! Live Cajun Music in the Studio!!