January 2016 Fubar Omniverse Archives

Acquisitions and interesting sounds collected in 2015, with a listener request for some Autumn Thunder in preparation for the Big Game (Vikings-Seahawks). Too bad the Thunder was all for naught. 

A visit with accordionist Dan Newtwon in Hour 1, a glammy rocking set from multiple decades to begin hour 2, and accordion tunes from around the world inspired by Hour 1's visit with Dan. 

DJ Puff-N-Stuff played a lot of stuff  with some tasty puff's thrown in the mix.  Smooth, toe-tapping electro snazzy jazz filled a good portion of the first hour.  We were able to play a few very exciting songs from Brian Eno's My Squelchy Life album, released for Record Store Day 2015.

Other media outlets might have played the theme from "Barney Miller" to mark Abe Vigoda's passing, but we're most likely the only station that played a song with Abe Vigoda in the lyrics. Thanks to Joe Newman aka The Rudy Schwartz Project for making that possible.