December 2015 Fubar Omniverse Archives

Echoes of the OOIOO concert at the Walker and the gamelan focus of their recent album, Gamel, and a salute to KFAI's long-standing transition between electronic dance music and metal at 1 AM, when Strictly Butter makes way for The Root of All Evil. 

Cousin Bosco Fubar sat in the big omniversal shoes that cousin Blanche wears for her program. A delightful set of Yiddish swing and krazy Klezmer kovers started the show off. Nordic darkness spread around and unspeaqkable things were done to Hurdy Gurdy's. A sweetly sad set of standards wrapped things around our little fingers, and we ended with a great pop dance tune about the weather. 

By request, the full concert by Chamber Music (Ballaké Sissoko on kora, Vincent Segal, cello). Followed by another duet, fiddler Ellika Frisell working with kora player Solo Cissokho.