October 2015 Fubar Omniverse Archives

Final day of Fall 2015 Pledge Drive, with DJ Travis Ramin and Cousin Andy on the turntables and mics. Thanks for the great response on that day. We had a lot of fun together. 

Thank you to listeners for your generosity and response to our frequent bouts of talking up the benefits of becoming a KFAI listener-member. Your support means so much to the programmers, staff, and board of directors at KFAI. This week, not much talk, more music, courtesy of Ester Rada and band, recorded live on September 22 at the Global Roots Festival 2015. Rounding out the show, Mahmoud Ahmed's timeless hit "Ashkaru" and some musical echoes from Kraftwerk's highly enjoyable 3D show at Northrop Auditorim October 7.

Recent finds and acquisitions, a pause for much-needed breath, and a celebration of our WNBA Champions for the third time, Tres Lynx. It's a Dynasty!

In hour one, we had a visit with members of Belozer'e, the music and dance ensemble of Russian Soul. Russian Soul is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the study, preservation, and promotion of Rusian language, folk culture, and arts. Their mission also includes assistance to recent immigrants.