August 2015 Fubar Omniverse Archives

Back after some time away to say goodbye to The Best Kitty in the World, Bobo, and to continue the Pneumonia Summer Tour 2015—It Never Ends. Thanks to Ron Thums and Jean Silverberg for sitting in on July 31 and Liz Olds for the emergency sub on August 7. How about some international garage, surf, and psych, a few requests, and taking Tiger Mountain by strategy, in honor of Bo? How about we take Pneumonia Mountain next?

Tinariwen, Mekaal Hasan Band, and a worldwide brass breakout. 

At the State Fair! Music about fairs, rides, rides gone wrong, love at the fair, and love gone spectacularly wrong at the fair. It's interesting to note that the latter far outweigh the former. KFAIer Ron Thums notes that the reason could be that the gone-wrong songs make for a better story.