January 2015 Fubar Omniverse Archives

Bucks and Ducks and Duduks and Rose Parade Floats and Naughty Sweetie Blues and a Greek Cinema party breaks out at the end. 

Strings and Things in Hour 1, featuring plucked and hammered strings from several cultures and eras. Hour 2's first set was titled "Editions, Versions, Variants, and Number," highly influenced by my new day-job project, an undertaking that involves a staggering number of versions, variants, and part numbers, 1.8 million potential variants, if you're counting. Eins zwei drei vier funf sechs sieben acht! 

Songs for cats in honor of all the feline beauties and their admirers at the Saintly City Cat Show. The Beguine was thoroughly begun as we cast our fate to the wind. And an hour of surf from several eras as Big Surf, Nordic Surf, Thee Unholy Three, and DJ Rock the Monkey conspired for a return to Surf Night at The Hexagon. 

By listener request: Os Mutantes, both studio recording and live. And it's a Milktrain to Paydirt for armchair Knights in Cracked Leather eagerly awaiting (and trying to figure out how to pronounce) Super Bowl XLIX.