December 2014 Jet Set Planet Archives

It's That time of year again and guest host Dave Roberts has just the thing to kick off that Holiday spirit, The Jet Set Planet Christmas Special! 

Your favorites of Spy Jazz, Crime Jazz, Exotica, Oven Mitt Organ, and Thrift Store Jems all Christmased up for your Holiday Pleasure!

So sit back, pour yourself some spiked egg nog and start trimming the tree Baby – Jet Set Planet Style!

Episode #486

Episode #487 Al Hirt is Fat.

Episode #488 The Italians are Coming! (Part 1).  With guest co-host Lars Jenkins of the DJ collective Chalet Sounds! 

Easy Meatballs, Classical Gasp!,  Spaghetti Westerns, and Italian Criminals.

Episode #489 The Italians are Coming! (Part 2). 

More Easy Meatballs,  Spaghetti Westerns, and Italian Criminals – for a snowy post-Christmas eve.