June 2016 Voice Cried Softly Archives

The Voice cried… "WE HAVE BEEN OBSERVING YOUR EARTH!!!" (sorry, that's not on our playlist!)  And… "GIMME CHOCOLATE!!!" And… "MELT THE GUNS!!!"  And… "CAAAAT WITH TWO HEEEAAADS!!!!"  Also: the adventures of Brian the Snail,  two enti

It's Not the Wind Chime That's Broken, It's the Wind!!

Translucent Dreams in the Orange Crematorium!!

In for the Voice this week, it's your friendly neighborhood Midnight Rider, heralded by none other than that chief Bad Manner himself, Fatty "Buster" Bloodvessel, with his merry band's reggaefied take on an old Allman Bros. number about some midnight rider. You also got two completely unrelated songs called "C.P.U." (the second one, by Japanese idol outfit Cheeky Parade, has a question mark in its title) as well as three equally unrelated songs identically titled "Call Me" kicking off hour 2. The "Call Me" you may never have heard before, the vibey jazz disco cut,  was the work of Dr.