January 2015 Voice Cried Softly Archives

The 8th annual Bowie birthday bash.
All songs with an X denotes and original cover made for this show.

Norrie Morse in for Eric this week, and y'all know what THAT means! But just in case somebody new catches this on the archives, here's what the mice play when the cat's away: Galaga, Haruomi Hosono arrangement, as the show opener! Prog/fusion and jam/psych workouts by the famous (Return to Forever) and the obscure (Liquid Visions, Juggling Suns)! Giorgio Moroder back when he was Schlager ("The Future Is Past")! Japanese Metal-Meltdown-gone-Techno-gone Nu-Soul-and-Hip-Hop (Babymetal)! Post-2Tone Hyper-Ska (The Busters)!

Space Is the Place!!