April 2015 Hmong American Reachout Radio Program Archives

Weather Information:  Current Temperature in Minneapolis is 48*F; this afternoon temperature will rise to 52*F and this evening it will drop down to 37*F with rain.  Record shown that we are right on normal condition which is 52*F for the high and 32*F for the low.  It was 80*F in 1991 and only 12*F in 1979.

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Weather Information:  Current temperature in Minneapolis is 68*Fwith partly cloudy; this afternoon, temperature will rise to 72*F continuing with partly cloudy.  This evening, temperature will drop down to 46*F.  Normal range record shows 56*F high and 36*F low.  Last year it was 36*F for the high and 28*F for the low.  It was 83*F in 1931 and 12*F in 1962.

Weather Information:  Current temperature in the Twin Cities area is 57*F with cloudy sky; this afternoon temperature will rise up to 64*F with a chance of rain;  this evening it will drop down to 41*F with a chance of contnuing with rain.  Last year was 38*F for the high and 26*F for the low.  Records indicated that it was 87*F in 1985 and 19*F in 1928.

Weather information:  Current temperature is 54*F; this afternoon temp will rise up to 63*F with clear sky and sunning; this evening the temperature will slowly drop down to 37*F. 

Normal condition, temperature should be at  63*F for the high and 42*F for the low.  The hottest day was in 1970, it was 85*F; and the coldest day was in 1950  and it was 26*F.

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