February 2015 Hmong American Reachout Radio Program Archives

Weather information for today- Current Temperature is 15*F; this afternoon will be warming up to only 18*F; this evening will be dropping down to 3*F.  The average normal temperature should be 25*F, high and 9*F for the low. Last year it was 4*F for the high and -13*F for the low.  Record high was 54*F in 1931; and low of -28*F in 1951.

Program content:  Music Program as listed:

Music as listed:

Talk show:  HealthTalk:  Maiv describes the benefit to enroll with participated HMOs before February 15, 2015.  Listen to this show for details.

Weather information on this date:  Current temperature is 3*F; This afternoon will warm up to 10*F; this evening will drop down to 5*F.

Program format: Music program as listed.

Weather Information:  Current Temperature is -3*F; This afternoon will warm up to be 1*F; this evening will drop to -11*F.

Music Program as listed: