June 2015 Archives

Hi, Norrie Morse with you again!  "Peaches" 'n' "Prunes"  lead off this week's Ear, and ol' FZ grew 'em both. Other double doses during the course of the show included Jack Fascinato, Puff (formerly the Rockin' Ramrods), Chan Poling and The Honeydogs… but "Only One" by Little Dragon, who turned in a fine performance at the Avenue last week. The shortly-monikered Finch gsve us "A Passion Condensed",  which at 20+min. was anything but condensed! For some reason we overnight DJs l-o-o-o-o-v-e the long stretched-out jams, and "Condensed" is one of my faves.

Norrie Morse bringin' your Ear the goods 2 weeks running! Following those regally-attired peaches at the top, you heard a band I've since learned released its first official album since 1972… in Jan. 2014! Bram Stoker, UK prog-rock classicists of long standing, who back in the day had some outfit called Queen warming up for 'em at a London venue called The Marquee, recorded "Fingal's Cave" for their debut album, 1972's Hard Rock Spectacular  [Windmill]… and again for their decades-delayed 2014 follow-up Cold Reading  [Sunn Creative].

It's yer ol' pal Norrie in your ear, third week running, and an early-on highlight of this set was Moonflower-era Santana into The Apollinaires… the feeling just keeps comin' back! Later, listening to how one particular acoustic-guitar passage in "Ancient (Giants Under the Sun)" by Yes seemed loosely inspired by "Classical Gas", the Mason Williams tune seemed a natural follow-up.

Norrie Morse in your ear, week four! Norrie's stream-of-consciousness playlist included…