April 2012 Bonjour Minnesota Archives

It’s the second week of pledge drive! Tonight’s program features the music which listeners may receive as a thank-you gift for pledging during the Bonjour Minnesota program. In addition, we will include other works, both from past and current artists.

Caryl will give the announcements of French-speaking films now playing locally as well as the many events of interest to French speakers and the general public. Olaf will give some news of the elections in Senegal.

It’s an all-music program tonight. During the first half of the program, the classic singers of French

“chanson” are featured, with some of the older classics mixed with the not-so-old classics. During the second half, songs both old and new are highlighted, all of them inspired by classical music.

Tonight our guest is Dr. Eugene Rousseau, Emeritus Professeur at Indiana, who is currently teaching saxophone at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Rousseau was a Fulbright fellow who studied classical saxophone at the Paris Conservatory with the famous Marcel Mule. We will play several of his classical recordings along with the interview.

During the second hour, we will hear a variety of songs, both old and new, from France and Québec.

On tonight’s program, we feature songs, both old and new, that were based on classical works. Following those songs, we continue with a pot pourri of songs from the past and the present. As usual, there will be announcements of French films currently playing, plus news of events interesting to French speakers and those interested in things French.