November 2017 Global Beat Archives

Opening today's program in St. Paul with long-time music professor at Macalester, Sowah Mensah's cd, "Gourds – NTOA".  Then another artist with MN roots, Lila Downs from Oaxaca.  Then music from Haitian ensemble, Boukman Eksperyans.  More diversity as African bandleaders, Ricardo Lemvo (Congo) & Mashek Fashek (from West Africa) are followed by a Trin-bagonian Kaiso star – Black Stalin – doing his own truth-telling.  Back home to 2 tracks from MN-born Bob Dylan and a relatively unknown song by Iowan Greg Brown.

As election results came in overnight – this was an election themed show in small parts; continuing to survey the horizon around the planet – since we are – still – all earthlings.  A typical purview of the musical landscape – in broad strokes.  From Monk onto Ukraine – and of course, Africa back to Afro Cuban rhythms and some sweet sounds of gospel-folk-rock.

Malian Blues crossed oceans, land & seas – from Mali to MN.  A musical stop in Kenya with a recent release and on into the former Portuguese colonial empire.  GB settles into the Radio Latino vein and visits Cuba, Mexico, then ends witha taste of Spain and a new release by KFAI dj, Dan Rein, singing and playing with local musicians reinterpreting the 1000 yr. old "Robiayat" on his brand new cd "Just One Breath".  Catch an interview with him on the next Global Beat segment – Dec. 6. and online for 2 wks. at this website location.