October 2017 Global Beat Archives

Opening with a Ukrainian group in a distinctive eclectic blend. Then jumping to Rio de Janeiro for a couple tracks from Mart'Nalia DaVila, then on to the northeast state of Bahia, featuring Olodum.  From there a flashback from a recent live studio visit from Afro-Venzuelan ensemble Betsayda Machado & El Parranda de El Clavo.

When I arrived at the station the transmitter was not sending a signal out.  So I decided I could record some musical segments and if the station came back on air I would be sending programming out.  I will post my list as it was created and maybe you can find the part of the program which was transmitted. Originally, I think the webstream went up or online first – and then shortly after I was told our signal had been restored and we were transmitting – over the 'air' – at last.