December 2016 Global Beat Archives

A continuing tribute to the recently departed Leonard Cohen opens today's program. A Yoko Ono track, followed by a couple new local MN./Cuban music releases; Charanga Tropical & Malamanya – in a tribute to the deceased Cuban leader – Fidel Castro.  Then a track from Haiti's Lakou Muzik – who just took an award for their debut effort "Wa Di Yo".  For the balance of the program Doug goes back to the Amnesty International tribute – Chimes of Freedom – a four CD set of interpretations of the songs of Bob Dylan – Nobel Prize for Literature winner ~ !  Bravo !!

A strong opening with female vocalists of the Middle East and Iberian descent. Which leads into a tribute to a Sephardic band no longer working together, Radio Tarifa. Then a set of Ethiopian female vocals, a Malian tribute from Dee Dee Bridgewater's 'Red Earth', and on to a set from Fatou Diawara, also from Mali, before landing in Turkey for some more female vocals.

An opening celebration of the MN.-Cuba connection and Opening between the Cultures !  An upbeat track from the new release from Charanga Tropical, recorded in the Egrem Studios !  A few classics follow and lead into a regional premiere of a new release from La Habana – por 'Mas Duro'.  And a flashback to the Afro-Cuban Yoruba shaman who passed through St.