November 2015 Global Beat Archives

Opening with Mari Boine – with her inspirational "Sow Your Gold".  Laura MacKenzie's new tribute release – some deeper tracks from Lila Downs' newest and a return to Sergent Garcia, from France & Rocky Dawuni's "Branches of the Same Tree".  Unity is the theme. The second hour closes with a set of Brasilian sounds and one closing track – a followup from Farah Siraj, who stunned us at The Cedar a few weeks back.

Opening on the theme of refugee status in a globalized world… cross-cultural integration continues.  Maryan / Maryam Mursal is highlighted early since she is ending her residency through the Cedar Cultural Center this weekend.  Other refugees from Algeria (Souad Massi), Mauritania/Senegal (Daby Toure') round out the set.  An extended set of women follows after a couple tracks from Vusi Mahlasela of South Africa.  By request – Ana Tijoux & Shadia Mansour get some airplay – followed by three Turkish women and a few middle eastern vocalists – Yael Badesh, Farah Siraj, & Yasmin Levy – c

Opening with Brasilian music, both new & old, from a range of artists.  Then GB takes a turn through the Middle East… with some free commentary on recent events and spin.  Artists from Jordan, Turkey, and Iran – lead into a quick ticket giveaway to two Portuguese-speaking divas coming to the Dakota – that very same evening – Carminho & Sara Tavares !  Enjoy !!

Opening with a review from last week's visit of Sara Tavares & Carminho, with another fado singer out of British Columbia, another Sara, Sara Marreiros & her trio.  Then its a taste of French after so much Portuguese.  Then — an extended set of artists who fall, in my opinion, into the category of why "Black Lives Matter" – not to take away from all the issues but — as a response to the targeting of 4th Precinct community protesters, raising the ugly face of racism as a justification for more violence.  This set covers some relatively rare tracks from an era of legendary performers