September 2012 Tuesday's Spoken Word Archives

09/04/2012 Charles reads “A Retrieved Reformation”, one of the most recognized short stories of American writer O Henry (1862-1910). The story follows the reformation of a bank robber.

09/11/2012 Charles and Beryl share the reading of “A&P” by American writer John Updike (1932-2009). This short story was of all his short stories one of his most anthologized.

09/18/12 Charles and Beryl share the reading of “The Consummation” by Charles Galsworthy (1867-1933), British writer best known today for “The Forsyte Saga”, made into a very successful television

09/25/2012 Pam K. of “Stone Soup” fame, substitutes for Charles and Beryl. She reads poems of the poet hobo Iowa Blackie, who rode the tracks until his death at the age of 62, in 2011.