May 2012 Tuesday's Spoken Word Archives

05/08/2012  Beryl and Charles share the reading of "My Brother's Keeper" by American writer Seymour Epstein.

05/15/2012  Beryl and Charles share the reading of American writer Joyce Carol Oates' short story "Gentlemen".

05/29/2012  Pam K., host of "Stone Soup" substitutes for Beryl and Charles.  She regales us with her reading of two cowboy poems from the anthology "Cowboy : A Gathering" and spoken word and music CD's with cowboy themes. 

05/22/2012  Beryl reads "Blackberries" by Welsh poet and short story writer Leslie Norris (1921-2006).  Charles reads "The Difference Between Women and Men" by American writer Bret Lott.