April 2016 Travo Ramo Fa Fa Fa Archives

Its the KFAI pledge show, Co hosted by Blanche from fubar Omniverse . Lots of Good Rock and roll plus SHATT CHAT with Kim Shattuck of the Muffs. You can donate at any time at time!!!!

Guest caller inner Melanie Vammen of the Muff/Pandoras in a tell all interview!!! Also the debut of Lucy and the Rats !!! I lost the playllist sorry , but its fun for it to be asurprise and I say what everything is if you listen!

Travo Ramo HA HA  HA! features the not ready for primetime players of SNL 1976. Buried treasure of the Gloo Girls and Paul Collins calls in 5 minutes before the end of the show to apolozie for calling in late(exclusive)! 

With the Pop shop we played 100 45's in 4 hrs Here the back half from me!!!! Skips and Crackles galore!!!