August 2014 Archives

Thanks for the requests this morning! We heard a brand new song from The Ericksons: the new album is "Bring Me Home"—we gave the electronic-tinged "My Love" its radio debut! "Bring Me Home" is out at the end of September and The Ericksons will celebrate with a release party October 3rd at The Cedar Cultural Center. We also heard new music from The Mastersons, Marc Broussard and Peliroja. Check the playlist for more! And, wow Sir Paul. Big thanks to Might T-Bone from Our Show of Shows for making that show happen for me. 

A good share of today's show was programmed by Jessica Afrin—a music director and college student from here but going to school in New York. She found out about KFAI at the Powderhorn Park Art Fair and was jonesing to share music she discovered this summer. Cuz we're community radio I said, c'mon PWB! And here we are with the playlist.

New music this morning from Dr. John, the latest project from Dan the Automator, new local music from Jimmi & the Band of Souls, and that discoriffic LaRoux we've been digging. Lots of gems in between—check it out!

We had an hour to spend together this morning as we gave 10am to "Truth To Tell" in honor of Andy Driscoll. The gathering of community voices in that hour inspired our lead track, Femi Kuti's "Do Your Best." We spent most of the hour looking at all the great things happening at the fair and in clubs—Fri/Sat/Sun have nothing on Monday – Thursday this week! Check the playlist for new Will Kimbrough, Jack Brass Band's take on Bobby Brown and electro-rock from the Ukraine.