November 2017 Bop Street Archives

…..Some Traveling Music, along with a sidetrip to the Catskills ——as well as a few thoughts and tunes for the Comforts of Home, and a Celebration of National Saxophone Day – As Time Goes By…..

Rockin' In Rhythm's DAVID CUMMINGS Sits In For Mr LEE … 

The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of………Street Songs, along with a few tracks from the CECILE McLOREN SALVANT's brand new album DREAMS AND DAGGERS…..

Down the Garden Path One More Time……with  Remembrances of the Jazz/Vocalese Immortal JON HENDRICKS and Our Own DAVE RAY-Gone 15 Years Tomorrow, along with a few of our favorite Red House Records—the St Paul Roots record label recently sold to Nashville based Compass Records…..