February 2017 Synthwaves on KFAI Archives

Tonight, Exclusive premieres from Vampire Step Dad— More Here: ( https://vampirestepdad.bandcamp.com ) and Phaserland— More here: ( https://phaserland.bandcamp.com/releases ) ( https://rossocorsarecords.bandcamp.com )—.  Also music in effect from Kameron, Initial Talk, Phil Collins, The Fit and as always favorite, Tim Feehan.  

Tonight is an electric night on the show with world premieres from Sunglasses Kid ( https://sunglasseskid.bandcamp.com ) off his forthcoming album Graduation as well as an exclusive from NEW (to my ears) commers Alive By NIght ( https://soundcloud.com/alivebynight ) with a track called "Overtime".  Never heard before music and as always a fun assortment of 80s and early 90s sound bytes! 

  Tonight on the show I drop some 80s gems courtesy of the Orignal Spyder J Hamilton 00 (host of The New Jack Swing Beat Review which immediately follows SynthWaves every Sunday night/Monday AM from midnight to 2AM on KFAI) as he was kind enough to grace me with a rare copy of Mic Murphy's album "Touch".

First half hour is dedicated to the late Bill Paxton.
A few birthday dedications, then out into the neon soaked streets at night. Check out DJ SLT every Friday morning on KFAI from 2-6am as he hosts the world famous Across the Board, from Electronic to industrial and goth to synth pop and always, Bowie.  
Enjoy, DJ SLT