March 2016 Synthwaves on KFAI Archives

Tom and Josh from the Thomas Mason IV youtube channel are on the show for an interview and discussion on some of the hilarious demos they showcase on their channel. Check em out here , . Also in studio Minneapolis musician d.notive taling about his recent release, Sentinel.  Check that out here,

VHS Dreamz is the guest as we talk Jazz Loon, Talk Show and music! check out VHS Dreamz right here

Special Guests include Mythical Vigilante, as well as V. Boytsov, the producer on the album "Kingdom" by Gayana.

Mike Glover, co-founder of Rosso Corsa records ( ) and the man behind the music of Miami Nights 1984 ( )  is the special guest .  We talk indie record labels, the forth coming MN84 album, news of a new Lazerhawk album is mentioned and we premiere an untitled track forthcoming by MN84.