January 2016 Synthwaves on KFAI Archives

UK pop trio Goldman https://soundcloud.com/goldmanmusic are the special guests. Upcoming releases, collaborations and music videos are discussed.  we also play an exclusive from Goldman called "Dance all Night".  Other music played includes SloSlyLove, Friends (The Way), Dolph Lundgren's "Maximum Potential" workout video and a dub version of Aretha Franklin's song ("Who's Zoomin Who") featured on Maximum Potential's Original Soundtrack circa 1986.

The Midnight, https://soundcloud.com/themidnightofficial , are on air for the first half of the show as we talk the upcoming EP (due out in April or May) titled "Endless Summer" and some of the tracks on the release.  We also talk Thanksgiving at Joey Mcintyre's, 80s catching on as a music and cultural trend and discover Tim is that guy with the down jacket and earmuffs when the temp dips below 60.    

Two very special guests on the show, first out of Chicago, USA Gold.  https://usagoldmusic.bandcamp.com. Second guest, Sloslylove https://sloslylove.bandcamp.com joins us in studio at KFAI and talks about his music, a very cool side project called Vandaam https://vandaam.bandcamp.com and upcoming shows. 

German musician Volt Age https://soundcloud.com/ageofvolt joins the show live via Skype.  David Hasselhof and a lesson in German culture and language are topics of conversation.  

Special Guest Joe Brandmeier (worked with Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, Prince)  Joins the show in studio at KFAI and talks about some of his experiences with Prince, Jimmy Jam and being married.  No you didnt accidently tune into Delilah, it's definetly still SynthWaves and new music from Sebastian Gampl, Foret De Vin and St Lucia are here to prove it.