December 2015 Synthwaves on KFAI Archives

This weeks' special guests join live in studio at KFAI , Estate and Liquid Pegasus .  The second half of the show features special guest, The Northern Lights .

Ryan (Midnight Driver) the founder of Future 80s records ( ) is the special guest.  He chats with SynthWaves via Skype all the way from Romania.  Holiday extravaganza includes sound bytes  from Rocky IV, Lethal Weapon, National Lampoons Xmas Vacation and Die Hard (80s Xmas movies).


Christmas Episode!!! featuring special guest Slanger bringing a preview of his upcoming album and a live on air talk box demo.  from Alexander Oneil to Foret De Vin, this one's perfect for sippin egg nog by the fire 

Sunglasses Kid and Phaserland are the live guests.  Music featured from Vangaurd, Low Tee, DMT Tapes, Mirror Kisses and more!