October 2015 Synthwaves on KFAI Archives

Tonights show brings special Guests Marko Maric and Dallas Dredske of Synthetix.FM https://www.facebook.com/synthetixsundays . Dallas is local to Minneapolis so he was in studio at KFAI studios and we linked up with Marko via Skype.  The show's 'Specal Presentation' track is Robots with Rayguns new single "Body Heat".  https://robotswithrayguns.bandcamp.com/track/body-heat  

Special guest is Silent Gloves https://soundcloud.com/silentgloves featuring new music from London Lazers http://londonlazers.bandcamp.com/releases

Brooklyn based recording artist and founder of Luca Discs Records, Diamond Field is the Special Guest. https://soundcloud.com/lucadiscs . Second half features Halloween tunes with exclusives from True Lust http://truelustmusic.com and Bart Graft https://bartgraft.bandcamp.com/album/bart-graft

SelloRekT / LA Dreams is the special guest for the first half hour.  Then a Live Halloween mix follows with an exclusive from Professor Zonic Zynth https://zoniczynth.bandcamp.com and Meteor https://meteormusic.bandcamp.com/track/the-harvest